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Lose some, lose some.

In our world, there are so many incongrueties and they manifest themselves in so many happenings and events around the world.  Again, it was unbelievable to see how humanitarian and human the US military was when it almost immediately reached the mountainous Kashmir regions of Pakistan after the October 8, 2005 earthquake struck.  For those victims who survived being pinned under concrete, rubble and collapsed schools, there was a least some hope from the countless national and international NGOs which arrived with in the next day to help repair their shattered bones and lives. The US MASH unit set up in the capital of Pakistani Kashmir, Muzaffarabad was a testament to the fact that the US does come to the aid of humanity when called upon and needed.  The incredible irony is that the same military, some few hundred kilometers away in that same mountainous region could drop a bomb on villagers – innocent women, children and men, killing 18 civilians (5 of whom were young children) this past week near the Northwestern Frontier Province’s (NWFP) Damadola village on January 13, 2006.  It has been reported now that there may have been some Al Quaeda operatives present at the village home which was bombed. ‘Collateral damage’?  Sovereignity?….So be it. 

While heroic efforts were made after the earthquake…to save a life of a 2 year old with both his leg bones crushed and hand amputated…or to keep an 82 year old grandfather alive on a respirator, in the middle of the fridgid Himalayas under a medical tent, equipped with pricey US miliatry medical machinery – must truly be admired, there is a human disconnect.  What cannot be admired is how easily that same military complex is able to apparently callously snuff out the same people living on the other side of those mountains, who posed no seeming imminent threat, and were obliterated not by an act of God, but by the push a button which unleashed the fury of a weapon. 

While this happens time and over again throughout history, it still is baffling, how innocent lives can be so easily dispensed in a shocking and awesome ‘war’; yet painstaking and selfless efforts to save the lives of those same innocent lives rattled not by bombs, but the earth’s fury, are treated with kindness and compassion, putting into question ethics and humanity. The hearts and minds won by the US military in these few months will assuredly continue to be talked about for the next few years by the thousands of Pakistani earthquake survivors.  The bombs dropped on the other side of the mountains in search of suspected terrorists which killed a few innocent civilians, will no doubt be remembered by the next several generations…cancelling out the compassion capital they helped garner during the aftermath of the earthquake. 

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