UNICEF Photo Essay- Child’s view: My life after the earthquake

There are rays of hope amongst the continued despair in much of Pakistan’s earthquake affected areas.  While children bear the worst brunt of these horrific disasters, they somehow are the most resilent, strong and hopeful.  In a photo project initiated by Unicef, affected children were given photography training and then the opportunity to photograph through their own eyes, their experiences and needs of the aftermath.  The following photo essay was produced.  The images are pure, honest and human.  They still ask, as there is still so much need.  But, they are also moving forward.

© UNICEF/ HQ06-1234/Zubair
Zubair, 8, a participant in the ‘Eye See II’ project for earthquake-affected children in Pakistan, photographs himself in Haji Abad village, located in the Mansehra District of North West Frontier Province.

The exhibition of photos from the project opened [October 5, 2006] at UNICEF’s New York headquarters and in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Twenty-one children from areas that were hard-hit by the earthquake attended the Islamabad event. 

Excerpts follow below and the full story, here on the “Eye See II” photo project. 

Equipped with their powerful new tool, the young quake survivors captured images of their changed lives one year after the disaster.

At the Muzaffarabad Government Girls School, the pupils were proud of their contribution.

“Through our pictures, we want to show the world what it’s really like here in Kashmir right now,” said one 13-year-old student. “By taking pictures,” added her classmate, “we can tell people about all our problems, and we have a lot of problems right now.”

You can view the actual Photo Essay, here.   Here is a photo essay on the training workshops

With this post, I complete rememberance for now, on the one year anniversary of that ill-fated day in Pakistan.



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    Incredible photo essay Aisha. Thank you for this amazing link.

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    Great post! i am impressed. ALLAH bless all espeacially those who were victims of EQ2005 AAMEEN

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