Slate’s Green Challenge

Online Magazine, Slate is having a ‘Green Challenge’ (in collaboration with, to ask readers to go on an eight-week, ‘carbon-free’ diet.   While it is already in it’s 3rd week, you can still join the challenge which will end by December 11…Go to the Slate article and take the initial quiz to determine your current carbon output.  With human carbon dioxide emissions at 6 tons per person (22 tons per person in America!), how can you not consider?  Global warming, fossil fuel emissions, deforestation all contribute to the carbon output.  There are a lot of things  one individual can do (take buses, turn off unnecessary electrical equipment, use cold water in the washing machine, keep thermostat on 68 degrees, line dry, do full load dishwashing runs…etc.) on a daily basis to make their contribution to mother earth and her future survival.

For the next eight weeks, Slate, in collaboration with eco-Web site treehugger, invites you to consider your own individual contribution to global warming—and challenges you to go on a carbon diet. The goal is to reduce the amount of CO2 that you put into the atmosphere by 20 percent. If you’re a carbon glutton who doesn’t bother to turn off the lights when you leave the house, you may find this diet pretty painless. (And just think of the fringe benefits—lower heating bills, poorer oil barons.) But even if you’re already a svelte recycler or a carpooler, there’s a lot more you can do.

Based on the individual carbon output quiz I took, my family emits almost 4 cars worth of carbon emisions annually.  Yikes.  Here are my results:


Your annual carbon emissions are 36,489 lbs. That’s equivalent to the emissions from 3.58 passenger cars.  Average carbon emissions per year, per person:
United States: 44,312
Qatar: 17,064
France: 13,668
India: 2,645
Kenya: 440

OK, now you know your current carbon load. You’re ready to begin the Slate Green Challenge.  

To read the entire article in Slate, click, here. 



  1. mad muthas said

    why is qatar so immensely huge? i’d have thought the us was the winner (or loser, more accurately – oh no – that would be the rest of the world … silly me)

  2. To: MM
    I think I may have made a typo! I believe the number should have read 17,064, even that is still high for such a small nation…Been away for a while (a long while!) so apologies for not commenting earlier…apz

  3. Sonia said

    i’m gonna check the pakistani emssions

  4. ahmed said

    i think that,s great to have challeges.

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