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Writings on topics concerning the world around us, parenting, family, linguistics, medical queries, politics, schooling, travel, the human condition and anything else the mind will boundlessly meander through…

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In a hope to pen my thoughts, ideas, commentaries and observations, I created this blog.  My first introduction and use of this public, yet personal way of logging a ‘journal’ of ones own in cyberspace was during the aftermath of Pakistan’s most devastating earthquake. Destruction struck on October 8, 2005 and still was claiming lives of children and the ailing 3, 4 months later in the high Himalayan mountains of Kashmir. Almost immediately, web logs (‘blogs’!) and sites went up overnight (including one of my own) to help people figure out where to send donations and how to help the victims, with links to update reports and news.  It really was a powerful, effective, all reaching and a constantly evolving and fluid medium of information dissemination….

It is my hope to harness this new medium and get into some modest form of writing once again – something I truly enjoyed during my school and college days – before the 9 years I spent slogging away in New York City’s financial and legal corporate world…and then the 5 years since – after having two children while raising my family. With the years just racing by, and with limited ‘leisure’ time, the opportunity to write has not been easy to find.  However, I must admit, that after having 2 children, there is ample subject matter to write about and so much learned about one’s own self during this unpredictable journey, while putting it all in perspective.

I guess the bulk of writing most of us end up involved with these days, has been thanks to email! No matter how busy life gets, most of us do write almost daily – it is colloquially communicative, and obviously not any kind of quality ‘writing’ for the most part.  So, while we do ‘write’, I hope to engage in real writing and be able to express the feelings, thoughts, and ideas that lurk within, which perhaps may be shared [or not!] by someone who stumbles upon this blog.



  1. jugnoo said

    Good post!

  2. Sonia said

    Great post, i’m gonna add it as a blog on pakistani songs site

  3. Sonia said

    Great post, thanx.

  4. Hi Aisha-
    Did you work at MTH&M back in the early 90’s? You might remember me from the Capital Markets group…

    Great blog. I hope everything is great for you and best wishes to your family!

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